Presepe Morente

christmas 2015

This extempore artwork has been realized during Christmas 2015 and it takes inspiration from the event surrounding our actual time.
The “Presepe” is a traditional italian decoration representing the nativity. But often denaturalized and western look, with golden dresses and a blond Christ.
In this case I tried to give to it a modern, and sadly, a more real view of what nativity it would mean today, and so where we had the roman legionnaire now we have the “peace army”; Mary wear a total burqa; Joseph has been mutilated by a landmine.
The Magi are trying to go away via a rubber dinghy, there is noone to give presents anymore, the little body between Mary and Joseph has been covered. They aren’t been driven by a star but by a more bright and resounding comet bomb.
For this fast Presepe I used scrap materials such: old pieces of styrofoam for the destroyed buildings, bottles cups, old lights, iron wire and a distorted noisy chip took from an old wish card to complete the weird and gloomy atmosphere.
The “Presepe vivente” (living presepe) is a representation of the little presepe but with real persons, so I played with the meaning changing  it with “morente” (dying).

giuseppe maria cometa
giuseppe e maria
bomba cometa